El Majahual, El Salvador

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Origin: Los Naranjos Valley


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The Murray Meza family have been growing coffee in the Los Naranjos Valley in El Salvador since 1936. Firstly under the brand name of Los Naranjos, but now under the name of Finca El Majahual.
The management of the farm has been handed down to the grandson of Don Rafael, Roberto Murray-Meza, who has continued to improve both the quality of coffee the farm produces but also the farm workers’ quality of life through investing in their families education, providing medical facilities, and understanding that team activities such as sport play an important role in increasing happiness and vitality.
Fjord are proud to serve El Majahual, and to support the Murray-Meza mission in any way we can.

Flavour Notes: Marzipan, Nashi Pear, Toffee

Origin: Los Naranjos Valley

Farm/Washing Station: Finca El Majahual

Processing: Washed

Variety: Red Bourbon

Altitude: 1500m

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