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In this article, the dattelmann will talk about the history of Medjool dates, and discuss why the medjool dates are very popular worldwide.   Medjool dates are one of the finest varieties of dates in the world, they are known of their big shape, nice

The Month of Ramadam

 Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, and it’s the month when Muslims all over the world fast. It’s a month for reflection, prayer and community and family and being together is especially important during that time. The fasting starts before sunrise and

It’s Gym Time – Get an Energy Boost

I love going to the gym just as much as I love dates and luckily for me, those two go very well together. Every time I go to the gym, I eat a date or two before leaving the house. I believe that it gives

Summer’s here! Time for Our Favorite Snack: Frozen Dates! 

In general, dates should be stored in a cool place (ideally in the freezer), whether they’re soft or firm. However, soft dates should always be stored in the freezer, so they remain juicy and don’t get dry.   On a hot summer day, frozen dates are

How to offer a stranger a sweet treat 

Hi there, I’m Leo, one of the interns at your favorite date company. I’m from France, and when I came to Berlin, I didn’t know anybody here. I was super excited to come here though, and to get to know the city. In order to get

17 Different Varieties of Dates

Wait – why do these dates all look so different from each other?    Small, but full of nutrients and energy, and irresistibly sweet and delicious, dates are a wonderful fruit. But there’s not “the” date, but hundreds of varieties of dates. Just like apples or

The Dattelmann Team

Just like our assortment of dates, our Team is diverse and international. Everyone has got his or her own taste and character, and together we’re a great team.   Hazem, the Dattelmann, is originally from Syria, from where he brought his love for dates. His favorite date

Markthalle Neun, best dates in town

In Kreuzberg, in the middle of Berlin, is the Markthalle Neun, an indoor market where you can eat, buy groceries and flowers, and meet people for a drink or a coffee. Local sellers offer fresh produce from the Berlin region as well as specialties from

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