Who is working on the farms and how are the working conditions on the spot?

The picking is done by experienced farm-workers. The farmers get a fair payment and are perfectly equipped for picking the dates. We visit our farms to avoid any improper kind of labour work.

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How can I get the newest information about the assortment and “Dattelmann”? 


  • If you wanna stay up to date, register for our Newsletter and read our brand new Blog. To get in touch with Hazem, please control the istalled camera in our building.  
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What are the persons behind “Dattelmann” / “Palmyra Delights” 


  • Palmyra Delights was founded by three passionate date lovers. Today Hazem Hussami aka “der Dattelmann” is leading the company. Next to him is a kind team of food lovers. Come and meet us at a food festival.  
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How can I support you / be an amplifier?  


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At which temperature do I eat my dates and serve them? 


  • We recommend eating the juicy dates cold / frozen. Chewy dates (Mabroom, Khidri etc.) should be eaten at room temperature.  
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Why are your dates better than the dates I can get in the supermarket? 


  • We keep our dates all time in the right temperature frameSo they wander from our freezer to your fridge :) 
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What is the difference between soft dates (for example: Sukari) and chewy dates (for example Mabroom)? 


  • They are picked at the same time. It’s just another variety. Like there exist different varieties of apples there also exist different varieties of dates. The dates are not further processed.
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What is the difference between “fresh dates” and “dried dates”? 


  • “Fresh dates” (round and yellow) are just young dates at the beginning of their ripening process. It’s a mystery: “dry dates” are not dried by machines! The “dried dates” stay on the tree longer and ripe by the sun so the skin gets more wrinkly 
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How do you guarantee a safe cultivation of the palm trees? 


  • We work hand in hand with the farmers and visit the farms once a year to guarantee the high quality and make sure no harmful fertilizers are used.
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How does the harvesting process takes part? 


  • The harvesting process takes part between August and October (depending on the area). The dates are all hand-picked.  
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Can I order by phone?  


  • Yes, you can order by phone: please call: +491637605428  
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How can I store the dates?

  • Please store all dates in the freezer. If you eat the dates in a few weeks, you can store them in the fridge. And if you are a special date-lover and consume your package in a week, you can leave them in the kitchen shelve 
  • Soft and juicy dates are more sensitive then chewy ones.


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How long does the delivery take? 


  • We send all orders by DHL. All orders that come in before 10 h in the morning will also leave our house at the same day.  
  • Germany: 1-2 days 
  • Switzerland: 1 day 
  • Austria: 2 days 
  • France: 3-6 days 
  • Italy: 2-4 days 
  • Netherlands: 2-3 days 
  • Spain: 4-5 days 
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Where are your dates from? 


  • We traveled the world and selected high quality dates from different farms. Countries are Algeria, California, Saudi Arabia and Oman
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Is there a possibility to taste the dates?  


  • We welcome you with pleasure every Friday (From 12:00 to 18:00) and Saturday (From 10:00 to 18:00) at: 
  •  Markthalle NeunKreuzberg Eisenbahnstraße 42/43, 10997 Berlin 
  • You will easily find our Stand next to the flower shop. Our smiling Team will give you good advices and any info you are looking for 😊 
  • Also we attend a lot of offline Markets. Please check our Social Media 
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CountryShipping Rate Free shippingPartner
Germany4.6 Euromore than 45 Euro order
Austria5 Euromore than 90 Euro order
Italy8 EuroNot available
2-9 April
8 EuroNot AvailableSWISS POST
France 6 Euromore than 90 Euro order
Andorra *,
United Kingdom *,
San Marino *,
Sweden *, Slovakia *, Slovenia *, Spain *, Hungary *, Vatican City *
13 EuroNot AvailableDHL or Local post
Belgium *, Denmark *, Luxembourg *, Monaco *, Netherlands *, Poland *, Czech Re- public *13 Euro Not AvailableDHL or Local post
Bulgaria *, Estonia *, Finland *, Greece *, Ireland *, Croatia *, Latvia *, Lithuania *, Malta *, Portugal *, Romania *, Cyprus *13 Euro Not AvailableDHL or Local post

“Lieber Dattelfan,
aus gegebenen Anlass möchten wir darauf hinweisen, dass wir bestens ausgerüstet sind und unsere Lagerbestände aufgefüllt haben. Tritt ein, bring Glück herein. Bleibe gesund und unterstützte deine Mitmenschen.

Liebe Grüße von Mr. Dattelmann und Team

“Cher fan de Dattes

À l’occasion, nous tenons à souligner que nous sommes bien équipés et que nous avons reconstitué nos stocks. Entrez, portez chance. Restez en bonne santé et soutenez vos semblables.

Salutations de M. Dattelmann et de son équipe 💚


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