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Sukari soft with pit

Also known as the Royal dates, Sukari dates are cone-shaped with marked folds in their skin. Their color is a rich brown with golden-yellowish tones and they have a caramelised and fruity taste and a soft, silky aftertaste of honey. Originating in Al-Qasim, Saudi Arabia, these dates are a pure, delectable treat. Sukari Soft are not too sweet but very soft and always a delight!

The pictures serve only as an example. The product is not wrapped or has no bow.


Origin: Saudi Arabia.

How should dates be stored and what’s the recommended serving temperature for dates?

Dates should always be stored in an airtight container so they don’t get dry. We recommend keeping the dates in the freezer whenever possible.

Soft dates (like Bawalini, Astaka, Sukari Soft)

Always keep them cold, if possible, in the freezer.

Eat them cold from the fridge or the freezer. They taste great when frozen!

Medium soft dates (like Medjool, Anbara, Sukari Chewy)

– Up to 5 months: Store them in the fridge
– 5-12 months: Store them in the freezer

Eat them cold from the fridge or at room temperature.

Hard/chewy dates (like Mabroom, Kabar, Ajwa)

– Up to 1 month: You can store them at room temperature
– Up to 5 months: Store them in the fridge
– 5-12 months: Store the dates in the freezer

They taste best at room temperature.

Parameters3 datteln/3 dattes ≈ 40 g100g
Energy476 KJ (112.80 kcal)1190 KJ (282 kcal)
Dietary fiber3.6 g9.0 g
VN protein<0.04 g2 g
Water content10 g24.4 g/100g
Dry matter (70°C/6h/Vac.)30.2 g75.6 g/100g
Ashes0.6 g1.52 g/100g
Total fat0.025 g<0.1 g/100g
Total protein (f=6.25)0.8 g2.0 g/100g
Total dietary fiber3.44 g8.6 g/100g
Sodium0.025 g0.1/100g
Fructose2.2 g5.5 g/100g
Glucose2.84 g7.1 g/100g
Saccharose17.52 g43.8 g/100g
Maltose<0.025 g<0.1 g/100g
Lactose<0.025 g<0.1 g/100g
Lipids<0.02 g<0.5 g
Saturated fatty acids<0.02 g<0.5 g
Assimilated carbohydrates25.6 g64 g
Sugar22.4 g56 g
Salt (sodium x 2.5)0.008 g0.02 g
Iron3.8 g9.5 mg/kg
Zinc1.12 g2.8 mg/kg
Copper1.04 g2.6 mg/kg
Manganese1.64 g4.1 mg/kg
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