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Medjool are the largest date variety. Their flesh is both moist and plump and they have a thin, soft skin. Medjool are chewy and sweet. Their rich flavor tastes like caramel.

Our delicious Medjool dates are grown in the United States. They’re harvested from a farm in the Coachella Valley, located in the Southern Californian desert. Because the region provides optimum growing conditions for Medjool dates, it has become widely known as the Medjool Center of the World, as 75% of American dates are produced there. With high temperatures, low humidity, and abundant water sources to supply the palm’s roots, the Coachella Valley has the perfect environment for the date palm to flourish. These ideal growing conditions make these American Medjool dates superior in quality and richness to Medjool dates grown anywhere else in the world.

No pesticides, additives, or preservatives are used in the cultivation or the packaging process.

Product origin: California – U.S.A
This package carton is recyclable.

How to store dates:

  • Up to 4 weeks: the dates can be kept at room temperature
  • For 1 – 5 months: keep the dates in the fridge
  • For 5 – 12 months: keep the dates in the freezer

Always keep the dates in a box or an airtight container so they don’t get dry.


Recommended serving temperatures for dates: 

  • Soft and juicy dates such as Sukari Soft taste great when cold or even frozen (try frozen Sukari, it’s like a mini date ice cream – perfect on hot summer days!)
  • Medium soft dates like Segai or Medjool can be served cold (from the fridge) or at room temperature
  • Chewy dates such as Mabroom, Ajwa and Safawi should be served at room temperature, otherwise they’re too hard and chewy

Press the dates lightly with your fingers to check how soft they are.

Bio Medjool Dates

Bio Medjool Dates

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