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Palmyra dates syrups

Palmyra dates syrups

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Date syrup is a thick, natural sweetener made from fresh dates. In the Middle East, date syrup is used to give desserts and other dishes a fruity flavor. Date syrup is an excellent sweetener and can be used as an alternative to conventional sugar. Date syrup gives pastry a fine, delicious sweetness and a unique texture. It can also be used to sweeten smoothies, or as bread spread for a heartfelt breakfast. It is a natural product, made 100% from dates and can bring numerous health benefits such as improving digestion.

dates syrups

dates syrups

450g date syrup

Origin: United Arab Emirates

Date syrup can be stored at room temperature.

Energy513.6 kJ1284 kJ
Energy120.8 kcal302 kcal
Dry Matter795.2 g78g
Water8.8 g22 g
Ash0.64 g1.6 g
Total protein0.52 g1.3 g
Fibre0.7 g1.7 g
Total fat<0.02 g<0.1 g
Glucose13.5 g33.7 g
Fructose12.88 g32.2 g
Lactose<0.02 g<0.1 g
Galactose<0.02 g<0.1 g
Maltose<0.02 g<0.1 g
Sucrose0.32 g0.8 g
Total sugar26.7 g66.7 g
Carbohydrate29.36 g73.4 g
Sodium66.4 g166 g
Salt0.016 g0.04 g
Additional Information
Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 17 cm

25kg, 450g

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