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Sukari – Barhi – Khidri – Safawi

“a box of 4”

This 800 g Box contains a mix of “Sukari soft dates”, “Barhi dates”, “Khidri dates” and “Safawi dates”.

It is a perfect opportunity to discover the world of dates, give it away as a present or just to have a feast.

Sukari dates are cone-shaped with marked folds in their skin. This golden-yellowish date has a fruity taste and a soft, silky taste like honey.

Barhi dates are small and have a wrinkled skin. They are creamy and “melt” in the mouth. Barhi are medium sweet with a delicious aftertaste of caramel.

Khidri dates are large and chestnut colored. They have a flaky skin and sweet, chewy flesh reminiscent of raisins. They come with a moderate sweetness ans an intense,w arm aftertaste.

Safawi dates are brown colored. They are chewy and mild soft with a deep flavor. A moderate sweetness and coffee like flavor complete this date.

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