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Palmyra Gourmet is a delicious assortment of 500g of dried fruits and nuts, including figs and apricots filled with oranges, walnuts, almonds, pistachios, cashew nuts, and hazelnuts. This luxury product makes the perfect gift for your hungry, yet healthy friends.

Net weight: 500g

Package dimensions: 37cm x 7.5cm x 3.5cm

Product origin: Turkey

This package carton is recyclable


3 months at 18° Celsius
6 months at 4 – 7° Celsius

Parameter40 g100 g
Drying lost7.48 g18.7 g
Dry matter32.52 g81.3 g
Ash0.8 g2.00 g
total fat4.48 g11.2 g
Total protein2.08 g5.2 g
Total dietary fiber3.48 g8.7 g
Sodium280 g700 g
Fructose8.12 g20.3 g
Glucose9.2 g23.0 g
Saccharose1.4 g3.5 g
Maltose0.04 g0.1 g
Lactose0.02 g0. 05 g
fatty acids3.52 g8.8 g
monounsaturated FS bez.
13.48 g 33.7 g
polyunsaturated FS bez.
20.88 g 52.2 g
trans FS ref. fat0.04 g0.1 g
saturated FS bez. product0.4 g1.0 g
monounsaturated FS bez.
1.52 g3.8 g
polyunsaturated FS bez.
2.32 g5.8 g
trans FS ref. product0.04 g0.1 g
nutritional information
(NWA) -Bezugsgrösse
40 g100 g
NWA-kJ593.2 g1483 kJ
NWA-kcal141.2 g353 kcal
NWA-Fett4.4 g11 g
NWA-ges ges. fatty acids0.4 g1 g
NWA-usable carbohydrates21.6 g54 g
NWA-of which sugar18.8 g47 g
NWA-food fibers3.48 g8.7 g
NWA-protein2.085.2 g
NWA salt (sodium x 2.5)0.0720.18 g


CountryShipping Rate Free shippingPartner
Germany4.6 Euromore than 45 Euro order
Austria5 Euromore than 90 Euro order
Italy7 Euromore than 90 Euro order
France 6 Euromore than 90 Euro order
Andorra *,
United Kingdom *,
San Marino *,
Sweden *, Slovakia *, Slovenia *, Spain *, Hungary *, Vatican City *
13 EuroNot AvailableDHL or Local post
Belgium *, Denmark *, Luxembourg *, Monaco *, Netherlands *, Poland *, Czech Re- public *13 Euro Not AvailableDHL or Local post
Bulgaria *, Estonia *, Finland *, Greece *, Ireland *, Croatia *, Latvia *, Lithuania *, Malta *, Portugal *, Romania *, Cyprus *13 Euro Not AvailableDHL or Local post

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